Hey Peeps! Dropping you a quick note to let you know you'll have to go without posts for the next two days. *collective AHHHH MAN* WATCHYOURSETUP.COM is on the verge of a few new things. You may have noticed a lot of wonky things going on with the url and a lot of you have expressed you can't even access the site. Rest assured its only because of the updates we're doing. We pay our bills people! lol

We also have our one year anniversary *tears* on Friday! So make sure you're here bright and early to help us celebrate! We appreciate all of you for your patience and your continued support. See you on Friday!

Oh here's a little something to tide you over until Friday....

Y'all don't see this trick with WEAVE EYEBROWS?! Looking like a ghetto ass, tatted up My Pony. I swear these rats are coming up with the dumbest mess EVER. Even madder her lacefront looks like it's made out of sewing thread. I promise her ass is shedding like a cat. Not that hood booty version of Goldilocks. I VOTE NO!!!

Dude on the video was a straight send off! Haiti?! I quit!! Her name should be Cabrini Green if anything.